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The Continuing Professional Development Pathway for Allied Health Assistants and Support Workers

Allied Health Assistants are an integral and growing part of the health care and support workforce.

The AHA Continuing Professional Development pathway offers a dynamic and targeted learning program, designed to support career progression and help members stay current with industry standards and best practices. 

The AHA CPD learning community provides access to an expanding library of professional development resources designed to support personal growth and service improvement, including: 

  • Monthly webinars offering valuable insights into new and novel areas of practice 
  • Best practice multidisciplinary case studies,  
  • Resources for practical learning.  

We provide a platform for members to actively engage in discussions, learn from each other and share content, creating a collaborative space.  

Members are encouraged to network and make connections—across disciplines, sectors, regions and countries—within a space of camaraderie and mutual support. 

The AHA CPD learning community is dedicated to building the skills, knowledge and connections of our members.  



By joining the AHA CPD learning community, you are also joining The Allied Health Academy, a global community of health professionals, allied health assistants/support workers, policy-makers, managers and other stakeholders, dedicated to working together and learning from each other to drive positive changes in health care.

You will have access to other health-related communities of practice, learning, and opportunities to network, collaborate and grow.

Benefits of the AHA CPD

Continuing Professional Development and Knowledge Advancement
  • Build your career with Continuing Professional Development opportunities that advance your knowledge and skills
  • Dive into a wealth of practical case studies spanning diverse areas of practice in our expanding library
Engagement and Interactive Learning
  • Stay engaged with monthly AHA webinars with continued access to recordings
  • Participate in discussions and access valuable content on our interactive community feed
Networking and Collaboration
  • Make connections and expand your network through meaningful interactions with fellow Allied Health Assistants
  • Embrace collaborative learning experiences that support your professional journey

Ready to get started?