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Advanced Practice Collective

A transformative, global community of practise centred on understanding and evolving allied health advanced practise

The Advanced Practice Collective is a community of practice from which members learn from, and work with, each other to transform the international allied health advanced practice landscape.  

This Collective is a diverse, multi-disciplinary, global community of allied health advanced practitioners, aspiring advanced practitioners, academics, funders, policy-makers and stakeholders.

The aim of this collective is to learn from member experiences to collaborate on and shape advanced practice understanding, and policy, within members’ jurisdictions and at a global level.  

Dr Susan Nancarrow

Headquartered in Brisbane, Australia

Join Our Advanced Practice Collective Today

By joining the Advanced Practice Collective, you can expect to achieve the following outcomes:

  1. Enhanced Learning: Gain valuable insights and knowledge from a diverse group of professionals in the allied health field.
  2. Broadened Perspectives: Benefit from the rich diversity of the collective, leading to more comprehensive understanding and solutions.
  3. Policy Influence: Play a role in shaping advanced practice understanding and policy at both local and global levels.
  4. Professional Growth: Enhance your professional skills and prepare for advanced roles in your field through continuous learning and development.
  5. Expanded Network: Connect with like-minded professionals globally, expanding your professional network and opportunities for collaboration.
  6. Contribution to Field: Actively contribute to the evolution and advancement of allied health practices on a global scale.

Joining the Advanced Practice Collective not only provides opportunities for personal and professional growth but also allows you to be part of a transformative community that’s shaping the future of allied health practices.

Reasons to join the Advanced Practice Collective

Professional Growth

Gain access to global expertise and research, Continuing Professional Development opportunities, and monthly webinars from leading practitioners and academics.

Community and Support

Network with a global community of advanced allied health practitioners, gain peer support, and develop cultural competence.

Career Advancement

Increase your visibility in the field, gain informed perspectives, and have the opportunity to advocate and influence in the allied health sector.

Ready to join?

This is what we do best.

Our Advanced Practice Collective and community, led by subject matter experts, offer personalised support for career growth opportunities.


Our Advanced Practice Collective provides flexibility, allowing members to balance their participation with other commitments.

Expert-Led Guidance

Our community is led by experts offering guidance and personalised support to members.

Career Growth Opportunities​

The Advanced Practice Collective facilitates career growth by equipping members with access to global networks, essentials skills, knowledge and tools.