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Empowering the Future AHP Workforce with Global Communities of Practice and Professional Development Programs

The Allied Health Academy is a transformative force in allied health communities of practice and professional development, dedicated to supporting allied health and other health professionals, support workers, businesses, healthcare providers and stakeholders worldwide.
Our mission includes providing exceptional opportunities for: collaborating on systemic issues for health through our Global Collectives (communities of practice centered on particular topics, or designed to support discussion between a segment of the overall Academy); and for personal growth and development through Learning Collectives (focused on the achievement and translation of structured learning, within a supportive community of practice of experts and other learners) all available when you become a member of our global Academy.
You can join the Academy for free and gain access to a wealth of resources and connections.

Join Vibrant Global Communities of Allied Health Professionals

Experience personalised support and join vibrant communities of allied health professionals with our collectives and programs led by subject matter experts. Whether in-person or online, our comprehensive offerings cater to your specific needs. Empower yourself to thrive in your career and business growth opportunities while fostering valuable connections within the allied health community.

Flexible Learning with our AHP Workforce and Professional Development Programs and Events

Our expert-led programs and events, offered in-person and online, provide flexible learning and professional development opportunities for allied health professionals, entrepreneurs, and healthcare providers. Join our global communities of practice and gain access to a wealth of resources.

Join Our Global Collectives and Elevate Your Care

Become a member of our targeted global collectives and enhance your practise through collaborations. With access to premium and free content, our allied health Collectives empower you to excel in your field. Connect with like-minded professionals and stay at the forefront of your industry.

Advance Your Allied Health Career with Our Online Programs

Invest in your future and achieve your full potential with our comprehensive online professional development programs. Designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to excel in your profession, our programs offer a valuable opportunity to take your allied health career to the next level.

Elevate Your Business Skills with Our Cohort-based Master Classes

Join our cohort-based Master Class series and take your allied health business skills to the next level. Our engaging professional development programs are designed to help you thrive in your sector and achieve outstanding results. With options for in-person or hybrid learning formats, we have something to suit your needs. Reach new heights in your career and elevate your professional expertise.

Attend Events and Connect with Like-Minded Professionals in Our Free Community

Join our community and discover a wealth of ideas, inspiration, and valuable content. As a member, you'll gain access to industry insights, research findings, customised training solutions, and collaborative partnerships within the allied health sector. Don't miss out on this opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals.

1:1 Mentoring: Personalised Guidance and Support

Take your allied health career to the next level with our 1:1 mentoring program. You'll be paired with an experienced allied health professional who will provide you with personalised guidance and support. Whether you're looking to develop new skills, overcome challenges, or achieve your career goals, our mentors are here to help. Don't miss out on opportunity to benefit from the expertise and experience from a seasoned professional.

Advisory Consulting: Helping Your Business Thrive

Our team of expert consultants provide personalised advice on a wide range of topics to help you develop and grow your business. From crafting a winning business strategy to driving innovation, developing your workforce, and managing finances, we're here to help you succeed.

Achieve Career and Business Growth with our Professional Development Programs

Our programs deliver high-quality professional development to allied health professionals. We provide the essential skills, knowledge, and tools you need to achieve career and business growth and help you reach your full potential.

Convenient access to learning

Opportunities for career advancement

Supportive community of practice

The Allied Health Academy is a HealthWork International portfolio company. HealthWork International works with health care organisations, government and professional associations to improve the quality and effectiveness of service delivery by providing a complete suite of services to support health workforce planning, development, capacity building, registration and regulation.
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