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Turn Your Healthcare Vision into Reality with Empowering Allied Health Entrepreneurs

Join a cohort of driven health professionals in a journey from passion to pitch, with the flexibility to learn at your pace and on your schedule.

About the ‘Empowering Allied Health Entrepreneurs’ Program:

The Empowering Allied Health Entrepreneurs dedicated learning community and pre-accelerator program have been created specifically for allied health businesses to help bridge the gap between clinical expertise and business savvy. It combines the flexibility of self-directed learning with the power of cohort-based support. The program begins with an orientation session with our expert facilitators, and concludes with an online pitch night and award ceremony. This pre-accelerator program combines a business canvas masterclass into an online learning course with eight modules, each specifically designed to align with key elements of an allied health business plan. Throughout the program, we equip you with the knowledge, skills, and resources to build a sustainable business, capitalise on new opportunities, and drive impact in the allied health sector. Join our learning community of driven allied health professionals on the journey from passion to pitch, with the flexibility to learn at your pace and on your schedule.

Empowering Allied Health Entrepreneurs brings together industry experts, cutting-edge strategies, and an integrated community of practice to help you navigate the challenges of starting up and scaling up your allied health business.

Program Details and Structure:

Empowering Allied Health Entrepreneurs is a business canvas masterclass, with core learning elements delivered over an eight-module program. The core modules are bookended by an introductory session to meet the expert facilitators and ask questions and a concluding online pitch night and award ceremony.

Program Learning Goals:

Develop Entrepreneurial Skills

Acquire valuable skills in entrepreneurship specific to allied health, including strategic planning, maintaining your client base, generating referrals, marketing, financial management, and business development.

Foster Innovation 

Cultivate a mindset of innovation and learn how to identify and leverage opportunities for service integration, growth and differentiation in your sector as an allied health professional.

Enhance Service and Product Offerings

Learn techniques to enhance your service and product offerings, delivering exceptional value to your clients or patients while maintaining care outcomes.

Program Outline:

Welcome & Orientation Call

  • Module 1: Mindset & Your Allied Health Business
    • Kickstart your business with the right mindset and resources
  • Module 2: Customer Opportunity & Frame the Problem
    • Discover your purpose, deliver value, and stand out
  • Module 3: Value Proposition        
    • What’s your value proposition? Learn to leverage the things that make your allied health business unique
  • Module 4: Solutions & Customer Relationships
    • Building a client base with an outcome-driven and innovative service delivery model and enhanced patient experiences
  • Module 5: Build Your Tribe & Engage Stakeholders    
    • Growing a loyal client base by enabling channels, partnerships, and service integration
  • Module 6: Business Essentials
    • Navigating the complexities of business setup, and reducing the transactional costs and stresses associated with launching a business
  • Module 7: Key Activities & Metrics
    • Leverage resources, streamline activities, and monitor success for growth
  • Module 8: Unfair Advantage & Your Ask
    • Unlock your unfair advantage and stand out in your sector of allied health

Pitch Night & Award Ceremony

Meet our Program Facilitators: 

Dr Susan Nancarrow, CEO HealthWork International & The Allied Health Academy

Susan is an allied health professional, health services researcher, and has held senior executive roles in higher education. Susan has more than twenty years’ experience of international health services research, expertise and analysis, with a particular interest in the health workforce, models of health service organisation and delivery, and the sociology of the professions. Susan founded HealthWork International in 2021 to find new and innovative ways to shape the health workforce, to better meet the needs of 21st century health care.